The United States will stop deportations of Nicaraguan migrants due to health emergency

Nicaraguans who enter the United States with irregular immigration status will not be deported, this under order of the Government of Joe Biden who, through the Department of Homeland Security, ordered Customs and Border Patrol (CBP, for its acronym in English) give way to this new State policy because Nicaragua is classified as a country in a “public health emergency” in a context of pandemic by Covid-19, the international media reported Just the news, based in Washington.

According to the publication of Just The News, this measure came into effect on Friday, November 12, and was issued “verbally” to all CBP agents through a press conference via telephone. However, to date neither the Department of Homeland Security nor Customs and Border Patrol agents have made an official statement.

THE PRESS sent mail to the United States Embassy in Nicaragua to confirm the veracity of this news and learn more details about it, however the diplomatic source said that the query had already been sent to the supervisor and is awaiting a response.

According to Just The News, this measure adopted by Washington puts an end to the practice of the rule known as Title 42, of the Public Health Services Act, which during the Donald Trump administration allowed migrants to be expelled to Mexico without even being subjected to some legal procedure. With the arrival of the covid pandemic, this measure took hold and Trump argued that he wanted to avoid outbreaks of infections in prisons.

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“The Biden administration had already altered compliance policies under Title 42, facilitating an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens into the country this year. Under the Trump administration, families and unaccompanied minors were rejected under Title 42, “recalled the US media.

The White House provision has its exceptions related to people who have a criminal record in that northern country.

New exodus of Nicaraguans?

Border Patrol agents alerted Just The News that this measure adopted by the Biden administration would cause a new exodus of Nicaraguans to that North American nation, “as well as many who come from other countries who claim to be Nicaraguan, knowing that they will not be deported.” .

For four years, Nicaragua has been going through a serious socio-political crisis that not only left more than 325 citizens murdered, but also a trail of people fleeing the repression of the Daniel Ortega dictatorship. However, the migratory flow has increased in 2021, when the Sandinista administration intensified the kidnappings against its opponents and dissidents.

According to data from the United States Customs and Border Protection Service, in July of this year alone, some 13,391 Nicaraguans were arrested who tried to enter that country illegally. This figure doubled compared to June, when the institution reported the entry of 7,441 Nicaraguan women to that territory.

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As a result of the government repression against the protests of April 2018, the Nicaraguan migrant population increased its flow to Costa Rica and the United States mainly, and since then it has remained constant; Especially now, since the Daniel Ortega regime passed repressive laws against dissident citizens of his political line and has suffocated any opposition bloc, in addition to the effects of the pandemic in the country.

Despite the risks of travel and the restrictive policies that have been maintained until now, thousands of Nicaraguans see the United States as a good option, where they enter through blind spots from the border with Mexico. Some decide to surrender to the immigration authorities to request political asylum and others are captured by the border patrols and returned to Nicaragua directly or handed over to Mexican authorities where they remain in shelters until they are sent back.

“Border Patrol agents have also heard that Title 42 deportations will likely end across the board around January 2022, which they fear will double or triple the number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border each month – numbers that already have reached record levels under the border security policies of the Biden administration, “added the US media.

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