The United States removes the FARC from the list of terrorist organizations

(CNN) – The State Department removed the FARC – Revolutionary Forces of Colombia – from its list of foreign terrorist organizations and specially designated global terrorists, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in a statement on Tuesday.

In the same statement, the top US diplomat said that the United States designated two dissident groups the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and Segunda Marquetalia as specially designated foreign terrorist organizations and global terrorists. The leaders of those groups are also being designated as specially designated global terrorists.

“Following a 2016 Peace Agreement with the Colombian government, the FARC was formally dissolved and disarmed. It no longer exists as a unified organization that engages in terrorism or terrorist activity or has the capacity or intention to do so,” he said. Blinken.

“The decision to revoke the designation does not change the position regarding any accusation or possible accusation in the United States against the former leaders of the FARC, including for drug trafficking, nor does it remove the stain from the decision of the Special Peace Jurisdiction of Colombia, that it considered their actions as crimes against humanity, “he said.

Colombia and the FARC: the road to reconciliation

“However, it will facilitate the United States’ ability to better support the implementation of the 2016 agreement, including by working with demobilized combatants.”

Blinken said the decision to appoint the two groups and their leadership “is aimed at those who refused to demobilize and those who are involved in terrorist activities.”

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