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We have finally seen the trailer the fourth season of ‘Selena + Chef’ with Selena Gomez and, to the surprise of his followers, they have realized a detail: that it has been recorded in the house of Hannah Montana. The fans of the series have not doubted it, just seeing the facade of the building that is the same. Reason why Selena and Miley Cyrus have aroused the nostalgia of all their fans. And it is that, if there was a series that fell in love with a generation of the early 2000s, it was the one that had a soundtrack ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’. “The best of both worlds” became a global anthem, a hallmark that many would give anything to recover and return to those happy years. At CHAIN ​​100 we tell you!

Selena Gomez at Hannah Montana’s house

It’s no secret that the ‘Lose You To Love Me’ singer has art for everything. That she as soon as she leaves us speechless with her songs and video clips, as she outshines the audience on the screen. Her talent has no limits and, by request, we have even seen her cooking. Precisely speaking of cooking, we see that handles quite well between stoves, the first preview of the fourth season has already been released. The most striking thing, which could not go unnoticed in any way, was that Selena had filmed it in a house that carries directly to childhood to millions of young people. It is, nothing more and nothing less, than the house of Hannah Montana.

Among so many reactions that we read, there have been those related to Selena Gomez and Hannah Montana. As they’ve said: “The fact that I’m at Hannah Montana’s house in Malibu makes it even better”, “This is going to be the best season. I can already feel it”, “wait, is that Hannah Montana’s house in Malibu?”. Effectively. You have guessed right. And it is that there were several years in which the Stewart family in fiction launched Miley Cyrus to fame, who in the series we knew her as Miley Stewart. “I knew it was family”they added or that both Selena and Miley and Hannah have been “childhood queens” of millions of children who are now adolescents and young adults, even adults. As if time had not passed, despite the fact that the Disney Channel series began in 2006 and ended in 2011. It is said soon, but more than a decade has already passed.

Iconic moment, for sure. Selena Gomez does not stop still. The new album of the American that’s on the way, her make-up brand, your project for mental health, the cooking show and several television series. A few days ago, we also learned that he is developing the new version of a series from the 80s, entitled ‘Work Girl’. What will be the next thing that surprises us?

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