“The Turks will eat yogurt, inflating” the preparations of Iraq and Syria from the USA!

Iraq AND SyriaOver the last period there have been some events in a row. USAabout studies allegedly prepared for a number of initiatives Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki made startling statements.


give an interview to a TV channel Maliki, He gave information about US preparations in the region. I share Maliki’s statements on his social media account. Head of the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies Prof. Ahmet UysaI, “Maliki says important things” He shared important points in articles.

Sharing Maliki’s statements on Twitter, Uysal summarized as follows:

  • We know that the US is trying to close the Syrian-Iraqi border, but we do not fully understand their intentions.
  • This is probably related to the movements in Dar’a and Suwayda in southern Syria.
  • In the past, when land, air and sea embargoes were imposed against Syria, Iraq was the only exit point. Thus, the Assad administration was able to survive.
  • The current mobilization may herald a possible major US-led operation against Syria (Assad), I don’t think it is directly related to Iraq.


Reach it after Uysal shared News7Uysala asked what Maliki’s statements and developments on the Iraqi-Syrian side mean. Uysal said the US intends to cut off Iran’s ties with Syria and Lebanon. “From this it is clear that politicians close to Iran (Maliki is one of them) in Iraq are worried and worried. I don’t know if the US has an agreement with Turkey or not, but it looks like they will put some more pressure on Assad.” said.


Uysal noted that Assad’s political life has been extended by the Arab Spring, but now he sees an attempt to exert pressure again. “The United States got angry with Iran for supporting Russia in the war in Ukraine and began to put pressure on Iran and its allies. In this context, it seems that Syria will become a battlefield between Iran and the US. Of course, this will have consequences for Iraq. Again, there is reconciliation between Iran and the United States, but on the other hand, such a scuffle.” He said.

Uysal said he did not foresee a large-scale military operation against Assad, but that pressure would be stepped up to make concessions at the negotiating table. “The United States protected Assad, but he will still protect him, but I think they did it to increase pressure on the PDS deal and so on, or on some issues that America and Israel want.” He said.


Stating that the US has been trying to close the Syrian-Iraqi border for some time, Uysal continued his words as follows:

“Militarily, it looks like America is planning to close the Iran-Iraq border, there has been some activity in the region for quite some time. It is not clear when exactly it will close and what resistance will be in response. It is not easy to predict what the reaction of both Assad and pro-Iranian supporters will be.

Will the United States receive support in this matter from the countries of the region? Türkiye burned its mouth in Syria for trusting Obama. His promises to overthrow Assad turned out to be empty. Now, of course, Turks will eat yogurt, especially blowing on it. It will be much more careful. He does not come to Turkey for a job he does not consider guaranteed. But it is clear that there is movement. We know that for a long time the United States sent soldiers and ammunition there, as well as some militias.”


on the subject Foreign policy expert, journalist, writer Mehmet Beyhan On the other hand, he stated that the recent progress of the countries of the region in relations with Syria worries the US;

Since the end of the Cold War period, there has been conflict among world powers in regions where there are strategic conflicts of interest. In this process, the concept of proxy warfare became a doctrine.

The proxy war began to flare up in the “heart” of Turkey, especially in the “Middle East”. As a result of this situation, we see that de facto territories are gradually expanding and growing, and conflicts are becoming permanent.

Some of these regions are Iraq and Syria. The fire of rebellion scorches the inhabitants of the region, destroying countries, burning cities, leaving behind ruins, crying mothers and children, disintegrating families and hearts … In short, great pain is experienced.

Recall that in recent months, Saudi Arabia and Iran have resumed diplomatic relations under the leadership of China. This important event has seriously disturbed the USA.
Recent attempts by countries in the region to restore relations with the Syrian regime have further worried the United States. Therefore, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki: “The US is trying to close the Syrian-Iraqi border” confirms this point of view.


Stating that the US might want to assess Russia’s difficulties in Ukraine after seeing an opportunity, Beihan said: “Because last Sunday, 3 members of the US Congress went to northern Syria to meet with the opposition and make a statement of support. When we evaluate this latest visit of US politicians, along with the statement of Nouri al-Maliki, we may think that the risk of the operation has increased.” said.

He said that a possible military operation would be costly for the US, which already has a bad reputation in the world. Beihan, He stated that there are people in the US who think rationally and are aware of this situation.

beihan “Will those who think rationally in the US be effective in the coming period? Or will only those who profit from the war be effective? We will continue to closely monitor developments.” ended up in shape.

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