The Treaty of Lausanne is 100 years old… The British called it: It still teaches an important lesson! Scandalous words from a US university

Created Date: July 24, 2023 11:00 AM

Lausanne, the eternal cause of the Republic of Turkey, is 100 years old. On the anniversary of the treaty, which is considered the founding document of the Republic of Turkey, a scandalous letter about the treaty arrived from the United States, which the London MEE called “a permanent lesson from 100 years ago.”

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.

On the anniversary of the treaty, which is considered the founding document of the Republic of Turkey, the London newspaper Middle East Eye (MEE) published a remarkable analysis.

The MEE was presented to readers under the heading “The Treaty of Lausanne still teaches an important lesson.”

“A century later, the peace treaty is still in place and continues to have a profound impact on Turkey and beyond,” he commented.

Emphasizing that the Turks did not bow to demands after World War I, MEE “The Treaty of Lausanne marked the culmination of the Turkish War of Independence. While the Ottoman Empire was on the losing side in World War I, the Entente powers resorted to partition and occupation.

The news item, which stated “The cancellation of Sèvres only happened after the Turkish national resistance movement had won military victories on the ground from 1919 to 1922”, included the following statements;

“This is a constant lesson from 100 years ago. Lausanne is equally important, as the late BBC reporter Andrew Mango stated in his book From Sultan to Atatürk.

The publication of the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published a scandalous article.

The article titled “The Forgotten World of World War I” contained allegations of the so-called Armenian genocide.

“Among those who closely followed the conference were representatives of Armenia who survived the genocide led by the Ottoman rulers in 1915-1916, when hundreds of thousands of Armenians were killed,” the article says.

The message titled “At the conference, the Armenian delegation had only one main goal: to provide the Armenians with an autonomous region within Turkey, currently in eastern Turkey or northern Syria,” emphasized that this goal was not successful.

The Greek ethnos, on the contrary, appeared before readers under the heading “The Treaty of Lausanne was signed, which determined the borders of Turkey.”

Ethnos said: “After the withdrawal of the Greek army from Asia Minor, it became necessary to reorganize the Treaty of Sevres.” Ethnos said the final text was signed on July 24 after 7.5 months of consultations.

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