the strong message from Ingrid Betancourt to Gustavo Petro, for the “warehouses of hate”

Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who showed her support for Rodolfo Hernández’s campaign, criticized the digital strategy used by today’s president-elect, Gustavo Petro, to win the last election day held this Sunday, June 19.

Given this, through his personal Twitter account, Betancourt questioned the ‘politics of love’ that the leader of the left talks about, since hate and attacks are generated from its cellars, as has happened with the actress and singer Marbelle.

“We all know that hate warehouses exist and were created as a strategy for @petrogustavo to come to power. #PetroBastaYa if your true policy is that of love, order the dismantling of the warehouses of hate. No more attacks on those who think differently like @Marbelle30″, tweeted Ingrid Betancourt.

In her trill, the French-Colombian stressed that from the cellars of Gustavo Petro they attack anyone who thinks differently and who does not agree with him.

It should be remembered that this position of Ingrid Betancourt is due to the fact that before Petro’s victory at the polls over Rodolfo Hernández, social networks recalled the words of the tecnocarrilera singer, Marbelle, who repeatedly pointed out that if the candidate of the Historical Pact won, he would leave the country. In this sense, beyond teasing and bullying, the actress is indifferent to what they write to her.

We must not forget that minutes before knowing that Petro had won the elections, Marbelle launched a taunt at his opponents, with which he implied that he was leaving Colombia: “Don’t worry, I’ll leave all the ‘poop’ for you.”

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