The strange creature captured by Google Maps that baffles the world

The image that appears generated speculation on social networks.

Not everything we see is what it seems. And in times when visions of ghosts or strange figures take over social networks, a rare creature captured by Google Maps It creates confusion in the world.

In UK castles abound and each one usually brings with it a mysterious legend linked to apparitions.

Such is the case of a castle located in Ludlow, in England, very close to the border with Wales. And long ago it drew attention to the point of producing chills.

Ludlow Castle, England.

Ludlow Castle, England.

users of Google StreetViewthe service integrated into google maps that allows those who use the Internet to locate themselves in a position in any place that is mapped, they discovered in Ludlow a disturbing finding.

It is a human head, of a woman, from which two boots come out.

But not to be alarmed, it is actually nothing more than a small program failure which generated all sorts of hilarious comments on forums like Reddit.

“You can see it only once and no more because then I can’t sleep,” said a network user. Along the same lines, a woman warned: “Every time I see notes that insinuate the presence of ghosts or paranormal phenomena It attracts me, but at the same time it scares me.”

The "creature" of Ludlow Castle, England, seen through Google Street View.

The “creature” of Ludlow Castle, England, seen through Google Street View.

Another wrote to clear up doubts: “I do not understand how there are still people who are scared by images, since most of them are usually edited or with a flaw like in this case.”

How it works and the hidden truth

Google Street View works by doing thousands of 360º photoswhich he then assembles to compose the final result of a street, a monument or a route.

But, it is known, sometimes this assembly not 100% accurate. This is exactly what happens in the photo that went viral.

Surely, the girl that appears in the image moved during the photos and when splicing the images, his body was cut.

View from the satellite.

View from the satellite.

Following them, next to the woman are seen a pair of slippers. These images are from March 2016 And, while the tech giant has since uploaded new Street View shots of the castle, people can still check out older versions.

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