The strange combination with which Zendaya breaks her diet from time to time

The actress and singer Zendaya has captivated her fans with her excellent performances, but also with her charisma and her overwhelming personality. It is precisely that unpredictable personality of hers, which makes her choose strange combinations when it comes to getting out of her usual diet.

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Zendaya, at 26, does a little of everything. She is an actress, singer, model and girlfriend of spider-manthat is, from Tom Holland, the actor who plays him. In the midst of his many occupations, he always finds space to pamper himself with something to eat. This is how he came up with a rather rare combination.

Burritos appear with some frequency in Zendaya’s diet.

As is to be expected, the celebrity’s professional obligations complicate her with diets, exercises and eating regimens that she must follow to the letter. That’s not to say that the girl doesn’t indulge in some excess from time to time, thereby easing her true passions for food.

Zendaya has stated that one of his favorite foods is burritos, the exquisite Mexican dish that the actress rarely consumes, but when she does, she eats it seriously. The girl is another victim of strong Mexican flavors and she doesn’t miss a good opportunity to try them out of her diet.

But the strangest thing is the combination that the actress makes of this food with a delicious drink that has nothing to do with burritos. as a dessert, Zendaya ask occasionally iced coffee or iced coffee. For her, the order of the factor is not so relevant, what fascinates her is the delicious taste of it.

The couple tries to spend good times with nice food, beyond their diets.

In this way, Zendaya He surprises his followers and admirers again with those rare things about his overwhelming personality. For someone who must take great care of himself and who has the responsibility of being the image of important brands, excess is quite daring.

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