The stock of PS5 consoles will increase in the coming months


If you were looking for a PlayStation 5 and you couldn’t get it, this news will interest you.

The one that we can already name as the current generation officially arrived at the end of the year 2020, that is, more than a year and a half ago, something that is most shocking if we take into account that there are still many people who cannot access these consoles. The promises about the increase in stock have been repeated over time, each time the promised date being further away, which is why many they have become desperate making the decision to go to second-hand sellers who speculate with this scarce commodity.

According to information that has recently come out, it is possible that soon many more people will be able to buy their long-awaited PlayStation 5, and finally enter the new generation.

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Console shipments could increase in the remainder of the year

As we’ve learned, chip production is tending to level off, so (although it’s not fully leveled off yet), it’s likely that we’ll see more PlayStation 5 consoles in stores in the coming months. This has been published by the DigiTimes website, which indicates that we could see this increase in the second half of this year 2022 and in the beginning of next year 2023.

This same website speaks in another article about the objective of producing 55 million consoles during this same year 2022 (counting those already produced on the date we are), as well as increasing production for the following year. In the latter case, the article does not distinguish between consoles, so we would be talking about PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. This makes it possible for us to say that this is great news for all those people who were trying to buy a console (outside the brand it was from), but they have not been able to do it until now due to this lack of stock.

For now we have to wait until we can see the fruits of this increased production of chips and therefore of consoles. Of course, this information is totally reliable despite the fact that it has not been given by any of these brands, so yes, we can expect this dream to come true in the coming months.

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