The spectacular look with which Antonela Roccuzzo shone at Leo Messi’s party

Antonela Roccuzzo, the first lady of the Argentine team, took all eyes at Messi's party

Antonela Roccuzzo, the first lady of the Argentine team, turned heads at Messi’s party – Credits: @Aníbal Greco

The family Messi he enjoys a great moment, the one he dreamed of practically since Lionel started playing ball. After winning the World Cup in Qatar They settled in Rosario to spend the holidays and also celebrate the triumph. On Thursday night they organized a mega party full of celebrities, music and lots of light blue and white. How could it be otherwise? Antonela Roccuzzo dazzled with a stunning look to pure brilliance that took all eyes.

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Lionel and Antonela arrived at the Rosario City Center Casino Convention Center Together with Thiago, Mateo and Ciro in the car to spend a great night with their friends and loved ones. Jorge Messi uploaded a photo with Celia Cuccittini, her son and daughter-in-law, who reported the outfits that they used La Pulga chose to be comfortable and wore gray pants, a white short-sleeved T-shirt with a round neckline and matching sneakers. But it was the first lady of the selection that captivated everyone.

Antonela Roccuzzo dazzled with a stunning look in pure shine (Photo: Instagram @jorge.sole)

Antonela Roccuzzo dazzled with a stunning look in pure shine (Photo: Instagram @jorge.sole)

Rosario is a fashion lover and often steals all the attention with her style, whether it is training, walking through the Parisian streets or going to the field to support the Argentine team. At the big party of the year, she also caused a sensation. She chose a pure shine look: a silver high-waisted short, a black top with thin straps and a neckline and, on top, another slightly more transparent top, also shiny.

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To complement the outfit, the first lady of soccer wore high black shoes with ankle straps. As for her hair, she wore it loose with a slight movement at the ends and added a subtle makeup. In the photo that she took with Lionel, Jorge and Celia, she was seen with a radiant smile, happy to celebrate her great triumph surrounded by her closest people.

Lionel Messi’s mega-party in Rosario

To celebrate the great dream of his career come true, La Pulga organized a mega-party in Rosario to share with his family and friends. Some of the guests uploaded images that revealed the intimacy of the event, whose decoration had the Argentine team and the World Cup in Qatar as protagonistsas for example, the glasses had the Leo’s iconic phrase, “What are you looking at, silly? He’s going there.”

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Two other world champions were present, angel di maria Y Leandro Paredes, along with their respective partners Jorgelina Cardoso and Camila Galante; also two emblems of the albiceleste team, Maxi Rodríguez and Javier Mascherano. While Guillermo Coria, and his family, Nicolás Vázquez and Gimena Accardi, were also invited.

During the night, the ex-companions of the Paris Saint-Germain they got on stage while Los Palmeras played and sang at the top of their lungs “Guys, now we got excited againI want to win the third, I want to be world champion”. In addition, they took photos with La Konga, who also provided music for the event, signed autographs, tasted the giant alfajor-shaped cake and enjoyed the evening in her honor.

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