The son of Zita Debrecheni and Gianni turned 3 years old: his father published his cute photo

Zita Debrecen And Gianni Annoni they bring up two children who always brighten up gray days. Their first son Gianfranco Mate was born on August 28, 2020 and celebrated his third birthday yesterday.

Their second child, little Adam Gregorio, was born in March of this year, and his brother was jealous of him for a long time.

Birthday of Zita Debreceni and little son Gianni

On the occasion of the birthday of little Gianfranco Mate, his father posted on his Instagram page a cute content in which the little one was caught in a car while traveling.

– Our joint vacation in Italy went very well, we liked every moment of it. We were on the Ligurian coast, had a good time, and our son had a great time at sea. He loved and invented himself, only we made everything too complicated, ā€¯Gianni said in Mokka, where he was a guest at Zita Debreceny.

He also shared that his wife and young son are very close to each other, mother and son are inseparable even at home.

– It is necessary to let the child’s exploratory spirit develop, he is now enjoying freedom. She and Zita sleep together, and in the morning she always raises her leg and purrs. That’s how we know it’s already happened. They are so cute, babies now live better than anyone.

Birthday of a little girl Pala Feke and Leila Genesey.

The daughter of Pala Feke and Leyla Genesey Mimi was born on August 23, 2017.

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Cover photo: Facebook/Zita Annoni

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