The son of La Diosa is assaulted at knifepoint in Havana

Cuban singer Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, better known as The goddessdenounced that his son Axel, 14, was the victim of a robbery this Wednesday.

“My son just got mugged. They took his cell phone and flip flops from him. The material is the least. The worst thing is that there is no longer any peace here”, wrote the interpreter on her social networks. In her comments section of her post on Facebook, she specified that she had put a knife to her neck.

“We are already living in the jungle”wrote along with another video posted on Instagram where he thanked his followers for their interest and confirmed that his son was in good health, although very scared by what had happened.

“As usual, he came here desperate, he’s only 14 years old and it’s not nice to have a knife put in your neck,” said the singer, who He took the opportunity to send a message to the person who stole his son.

“I have a mixture of wanting to kill you with another to thank you for not killing my son. I feel that way. I sent you a message and you turned off the phone. If you needed money I am the type of person who would have given it to you. I had not no need to put a knife to the neck of a 14-year-old boy,” the singer said.

Dianelys said that Cubans are hurting each other. “We are a shame. We are shit,” added the interpreter, who was in charge of warning the thief that she will not be able to use the phone because it is an iPhone that will not do her any good. Of the flip-flops, he said they were “old and worn out.”

“Wasn’t it better to knock on my door and tell me ‘Goddess, help me, I don’t have anything to eat.’ I would have given it to you, mijo, I swear I would have given it to you”concluded the singer.

The denunciation of the Goddess generated hundreds of comments from followers and also reactions and words of support from other fellow artists.

In the middle of August, The Goddess and her family said goodbye to Axel at the Havana airport. On that occasion, the singer clarified on her networks that her son had been born in France.

“Your roots call you. Mom will always do what is for your good, treasure,” the interpreter wrote then, who did not offer further details about the family plan.

weeks later, The Goddess met Axel in Europe. “God’s timing is perfect. Today we took a big step, baby,” she wrote next to a tender video in which she was seen sitting in a car, with her son in her arms. On that occasion, too, the Goddess offered no further information.

early october the teenager returned to Havana and starred in an emotional reunion with her little sister, little Reychel, daughter of La Diosa with her partner, the music producer nicknamed Rey El Mago.

Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya lived in Europe for several years. First in the Italian city of Milan and then in Nice, France, where Axel was born, the result of his relationship with an Italian.

The unpleasant robbery of which the son of La Diosa was a victim this Wednesday took place a few hours after she informed her followers of another bad news: a concert that she planned to give this weekend in Guanabacoa it was cancelled.

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