The smell of faeces in “5-star Cluj”! The stench from the landfill has reached the city, the people endure, the authorities are silent

Hundreds of Cluj residents took to social media on Monday to complain about the terrible smell wafting into the city from the garbage dump. Residents of Cluj complain that in some areas of the city, especially in Mărești, Iris, Someşeni and Gheorghen, there is a strong smell of sewage from the landfill. During the heat, people had to stay with their windows closed because it was impossible to endure the “smell of faeces”.

The smell comes from a new garbage dump in Pata Rat, run by the county council and Supercom. The head of the county council, Alin Tishe, has not yet given any explanation, and the situation is periodically repeated.

Since August 2020, I have dumped more than one hundred thousand tons of rotting biodegradable waste, thrown away unsorted and untreated, into a landfill called CMID – a mockery of almost eighty million euros, staged with the help of the sleight of hand of the district council and the city hall of Cluj-Napoca. , Cluj activists say.

As a reminder, in 2020, Bock explains that “bad smell is the price we pay for not leaving trash on the street.”

“You have received an official response from both the county council and the RADP, they also passed it on to me. With the opening of the Center for Foreign Affairs, an obligation arises to remove waste from the temporary ramp where garbage is stored for a period of five years to a new landfill. It was an unfortunate combination of several factors, primarily atmospheric, on the other hand, a rather large transfer amount, which gave rise to this extremely unpleasant situation.”– said Emil Bock at a press conference three years ago.

Since then, the situation has been repeating itself, and the Cluj authorities say that they have everything under control and everything is going according to plan.

“I was walking down the street in Gheorgheni, the smell of diesel combined with the stench is unbearable”; “There was an unbearable smell in the parking lot at the Julius shopping center”; “And the Dorobants smell terribly”; “Eh! They’re looking to the election! Voices are odorless! “Dear people of Cluj”, Santa MIC, the landlord, and a big man from the area are preparing a show for you in the center, and you have forgotten everything!”; “I really wanted to ask. I landed in Cluj Napoca on Friday and as I was leaving the airport a very bad smell hit me. Then I also flew out of Cluj-Napoca tonight, the same smell”; “All Cluj! Dambul Rotun feels safe at the railway station. Today I returned home and was very surprised that I was crazy, because I smell poop everywhere ”; “It smells terrible in Mereshty” – the problem was reported by several residents of Cluj.

In Cluj, people are boiling, and the authorities are sleeping. Aline Tiche does not answer, Emil Bock will speak at 14.00, when the meeting of the local council takes place (press conferences are organized only if it is good), the head of the Ecological Guard is on vacation and someone else will take his place, who is on the videoconference!



Finally, Alin Tishe dryly said that the problem was something else: “Agency for the Protection and Protection of the Environment and City Hall. We no longer have responsibility for garbage!“, he clarified. It is obviously a matter of washing one’s hands of the problem, since the Pata Rat Waste Management Center was built there, so close to Cluj-Napoca, by the Cluj County Council (CJ).

CJ Cluj also controls ADI Eco Metropolitan, the association that organized the auction through which Supercom took over the rubbish from around the area and now has a monopoly. True, the Cluj County Council recently left the ADI Eco Metropolitan, practically washing its hands of problems, although it controls the entire “game” from the shadows. Aline Tiche was the one who convinced many mayors from the SDP to move to the NLP 3 years ago and he is the one who runs everything from behind, but officially he says that “We no longer have responsibility for garbage!“.

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