The “slowest female athlete in history” took to the track and what happened next went viral and prompted a difficult decision to be made.

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08/03/2023, 17:34

Somalia Nasra Abukar Ali (20 years old) competed in the 100m sprint race at the World University Games in China.

However, her performance was more than modest. In fact, it was so subtle that it went viral.

Nasra Abukar Ali went viral after race

The Somali ran the 100 meters in 21 seconds and 81 hundred square meters, double that of Brazilian race winner Gabriela Murao.

The difference in training between Nasra Abukar Ali and the rest of the participants was visible from the first meters, and by the middle of the race the distance was so great that the Somali did not even appear in the frame, which can be seen in the photo gallery below.

Photo gallery

This moment was immediately ridiculed in social networks:The slowest athlete in history“, “What a disgrace“, “They picked her at random and sent her to the races?“.

President of the Federation removed from office

Khadijo Adan Dahir, president of the Somali Athletics Federation, was suspended after Nasra Abukar Ali’s race.

He is accused of choosing an athlete to compete in China because she is his relative, writes The Sun.

sister-in-law of Abukar Ali
world student games

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