The sister of Enrique Iglesias, known as the “Spanish Kim Kardashian”, is on an endless honeymoon. She is famous, rich and owns a castle.

Tamara Falco (41) is the half-sister of Enrique Iglesias and is known as the “Kim Kardashian of Spain”. She recently married her boyfriend Inigo Oniev (34) and since then they have only taken her on holidays. After the wedding in July, they visited Paris, South Africa, Zambia and Bora Bora.

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Although they are posing happily now, last year, shortly after their engagement, they went through a scandal. Just 24 hours after the engagement was announced, a video appeared on social media showing Inigo kissing a young woman at the Burning Man festival in the US. Then Tamara announced the breakup with her fiancé. They got over it, settled their accounts, and decided their love was worth the chance. They got married in front of 400 guests near Madrid. Their wedding lasted an entire weekend.

Tamara Falco, half-sister of Enrique Iglesias. She inherited the castle from her father

Tamara is the daughter of Isabela Preisler, who is also the mother of Enrique Iglesias, and the Spanish aristocrat Carlos Falco. Tamara holds the title of Marquise and studied fashion in Milan, but also has an education in communications from the USA. He has appeared in several TV shows and even won the MasterChef Celebrity title, after which he went to the culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid.

She has eight half-siblings, a castle inherited from her father, a life full of glamour, and is called the “Spanish Kim Kardashian” due to the celebrity she enjoys in her home country. He is a chef, designer, TV star and influencer. Almost 20 years ago, he considered becoming a monk. She is very religious and says she prefers to stay at home and pray instead of going to a club and drinking a few glasses of alcohol, writes the New York Post.

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