The short haircut with bangs that will be a trend in 2023 and that Alexandra Pereira has already advanced

The short hair with bangs It is, and will always be, one of the hairstyles that never go out of style. And this is how Alexandra Pereira has been demonstrating it for several years now. The influencer, now based in Dubai, decided to go short after enjoying her honeymoon in 2019 and since then there have been few times that we have seen her boast long hair again. “You know that I really like how I have short hair and every time I took photos with short hair you told me to cut it again,” said the influencer in her Stories during a chat with her followers.

The bob haircut with open bangs will be a trend in 2023 and Alexandra Pereira already wears it


The bob haircut with open bangs will be a trend in 2023 and Alexandra Pereira already wears it

Icon of fashion and beauty, now Alexandra once again becomes a benchmark for one of the most sought-after trend haircuts in 2023: short hair with bangs. We are aware that the short haircuts They give a bit of vertigo and therefore adding bangs can be somewhat excessive at first. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. The first thing you should do is think about what type of short hair you are looking for.

By the chin or below the ear are the two most sought after. The first is ideal if what you want is to lengthen the face, since when the tips reach the chin, your face will gain centimeters optically. The second is more suitable for faces like Alexandra’s, since the influencer genetically has a sharp face with downward cheekbones.

Short hair plus bangs: trend this year

Keira Knightley or Ana de Armas have been some of the actresses who have opted for this type of cut the most and they will surely continue to do so this new year as well. However, and as we told you at the beginning of this article, once you have chosen the short with which you feel most comfortable, it is time to add bangs. And yes, we say bangs because here we also find several options. And not only in form, but also in a real version or not. Because if Alexandra Pereira broke the mold with her hairstyle for something, it was because she opted for afake fringe.

A great idea that the influencer did not hesitate to share with her followers so that they could see how it can be done. Change of look without the need for it to be permanent. In fact, Penélope Cruz is one of the great lovers of false bangs and she has worn them on numerous occasions. It is clear that Alexandra has great references and she herself has named the Spanish actress as one of her beauty inspirations on more than one occasion.

As you can see in the Instagram post, Alexandra Pereira opts for bangs that, at first glance, no one would dare to say is not real. Why? Because the most important thing in a fake fringe is that it is made with natural hair. Alexandra’s is a clip-on model with a crown from ExtensionMania, perfect for “disguising wide foreheads, emphasizing large eyes or shortening long faces.

The bangs are a hairstyle that usually favors all types of faces, providing personality and style immediately.” This is stated on the extensions website itself, where they sell the same false bangs that the influencer wears for 68 euros.

Alexandra Pereira hairpiece bangs

But let’s get back to the topic of how to choose bangs that favors us the most. There are several options: long to the eyebrows, very short British ‘punk’ style or curtain effect. The latter is the one that goes from smallest to largest from the center of the forehead to the ears. The ideal option for the sharpest and most elongated faces. The length up to the eyebrows is perfect if you want to hide your forehead and the very short one is only suitable for small foreheads and oval faces.

If you want to try how the bangs would look on you, do as Alexandra and choose a removable option. We recommend this bangs, for sale on Amazon, with very good reviews from users. “It has been my salvation, I adore it, the hair is realnot very thick, and for what I am looking for, it perfectly fulfills its function”. It is available in more than 10 different tones and it is a perfect option for the days that you want to change your look.

Hairpiece for women natural hair with bangsfor sale on Amazon, (36.99 euros).

hairpiece bangs woman


Regardless of which short haircut you choose or which bangs you bet on, what is clear is that this short hair with bangs is one of the seasonal hair trends and will be one of the most wanted short haircuts this winter. Do you dare to join Alexandra Pereira?

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