The seven features of the Midea M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner that make the difference (including its reduced price)

Introducing a robot vacuum cleaner into our lives marks a before and after when it comes to home maintenance. Thanks to virtually autonomous operation, we make cleaning a much simpler and more pleasant task.

When faced with the search for the ideal model for our interests, we find ourselves with a market full of options, with very different prices. Questions assail us such as which one has a more advanced navigation system, if it will offer the necessary power or if it is capable of performing a complete cleaning.

We have a safe bet, which answers all these doubts, in the Midea M7 Pro. A model that allows us to access high-end specifications at a really competitive price. Especially these days, who enjoys a fantastic promotion: 65% discount.

1. Accurate Maps with LDS


Navigation capabilities are one of the big differences between a conventional model and a high-end model, and in the case of the M7 Pro, we can enjoy the fifth generation LDS technology of Midea herself.

Its LDS navigation system features better accuracy, faster mapping, better obstacle avoidance performance, and more efficient route planning.

Is about an advanced laser-based system precise and efficient when it comes to building maps of the house, being able to operate in the dark with ease.

The robot incorporates more than 30 sensors (anti-collision, anti-fall, etc.), which allow the robot vacuum cleaner not to collide with every piece of furniture or wall that it finds on its way.

The processing capacity and memory of the robot also facilitate create maps of the different house plants, which we can edit to our liking. It is even possible to create virtual walls so that the device does not pass through them.

Another detail to note is the automatic obstacle detection like rugs, with the ability to climb on them and clean them thanks to the 20-millimeter height that it is capable of climbing autonomously.

2. As powerful as it is silent


The Midea M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can boast of having a brushless motorwhich offers a great balance between power and noise level (below 65 decibels).

Their 4000 Pascals of suction allow you to perform an ideal cleaning job on any surface, being able to modulate the power on four levels. It is not only a matter of power, since the good cleaning result lies in its complete brush configuration:

  • Two sides to direct the dirt towards the suction area.
  • A V-shaped center rollerwith a high density of bristles, ideal on carpets.

3. How about vibration scrubbing?


Thanks to high-frequency vibration scrubbing, which mimics manual cleaning, the Midea M7 Pro effectively removes the most stubborn stains

However, this robot vacuum cleaner sets itself apart from its competitors with an outstanding feature: a vibrating scrubbing system with which it achieves great results when it comes to ending complicated stains on surfaces.

Its high frequency vibration reaches the 500 times per minutewith a movement manages to imitate manual cleaning. Something that is enhanced with the possibility of choose the water flow in three levels thanks to the electronically actuated water tank.

4. A three-stage filtration system


As important as effective cleaning is that we get create a cleaner space, for the sake of our health. The Midea M7 Pro includes a three-stage filtration system: nylon mesh filter, sponge and high-efficiency HEPA filter. In this way, microparticles of dust, including mites, are trapped.

Therefore it is, an ideal robot for homes where there are pets. It is due to the absorption power it offers, the brush configuration and the filtering system described.

5. Energy to clean the entire house

auto recharge

With a charge that does not reach four hours, we can replenish the energies of its 5200 mAh battery. With that capacity, the Midea robot vacuum cleaner can work for 180 minutes.

Translated into surface, we are talking about quite large households, ranging between 150 and 250 square meters. Something that also helps the great capacity of the water tankwhich reaches 210 milliliters.

When the robot runs out of energy, automatically returns to its charging stationto resume driving when ready.

6. Control your robot vacuum cleaner with your voice


The Midea M7 Pro can be controlled by means of the buttons that we find on its upper part, but also through voice commands, since is compatible with the main voice assistants from the market (Alexa and Google Assistant).

The most complete method to manage the robot’s tasks is the MSmartHome mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Through it we can access all the available functionalities:

  • See how it cleans in real time, the percentage of surface that has been cleaned and the autonomy that remains.
  • Schedule the days and hours of operation.
  • Choose the areas we want to clean, and in the order we want to do it.
  • Define restricted areas so that the robot does not enter.
  • Select the map we want to use.

7. Midea M7 Pro, now at the best price

Front page



suction power




Navigation system


Noise level


obstacle height


auto recharge


Self-cleaning in the base






Cleaning autonomy

180 minutes

Mobile app and voice control




After reviewing this table, there is little doubt that we are dealing with a robot vacuum cleaner that has the typical specifications of a new generation modelsuch as the ability to thoroughly clean surfaces, offer intelligent navigation and power to match.

Its price under normal conditions is very competitive, but if you want to get it with a significant discount, you have to take advantage of the fact that it is now with a very tempting 65% discount promotion until November 12: €209.99.

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