The secret shortcuts of Google that very few know

Google has all kinds of online tools that make our lives easier. Can we create presentations, spreadsheets or forms but we can also create video calls or online meetings to talk with coworkers or for any video conference we need. In addition, there are shortcuts that make your life even easier and that we can use to access these tools.

For years, having a Google account is much more than simply accessing our Gmail email or storing our contact in it. Those of Mountain View allow us a series of tools that help us not to miss Microsoft Office on a computer or on a mobile phone thanks to the word processor, the spreadsheets or the tool for making presentations. All these options are free, they work online and we can use them without having to buy anything but also without having to install anything on our computer and simply by accessing the website.

Now, Google has created shortcuts that promise to “make your life easier”.

New Google Shortcuts

Since mid-November, Google has offered users the option of short links that allow us to directly access any of its tools without having to enter our account, go to the applications and access any of them. Now a link that is easy to remember will suffice to access.

The great advantage of these shortcuts is that they are easy to remember, easy to use. They all end in “.new” and it simply changes what we want to do but using common sense we can easily memorize them to always access… For example, we can use “” to access Google’s word processor and create a new sheet without having to type in our computer the complete link “…”. It’s easy and it’s fast.

The different shortcuts that Google offers are the following:


In the case of the first three, they will lead us to create different files or documents of the type we need. Documents, spreadsheets or presentation. is the short and fast way to access bitly, Google’s link shortener with which we can cut any URL we want to upload or send it over the Internet without having a link of hundreds of characters. will lead us directly to create an event in google calendar and we can add any information we want, the day, the date… It takes us to the tab or sections of Google forms. The window will appear directly in which you can create a form with different questions and options and add content for other people to fill out or answer. will transfer us, as its own name indicates, to notepad. It will take us to Google Keep where we can add any note we want or we can manage the ones we already have through labels, folders, files.

google will lead us to open a videocall directly in Google Met where we can add any participant we want to start the meeting.

google meet

We can use them simply by entering the links in the browser bar, although you should keep in mind that you have to be logged in to Google on your computer if you want it to take you to your account and create something automatically.

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