The “Season of Xbox 2021” begins with discounts, events and new content

This Christmas season that has practically already begun, Microsoft has decided to draw another new name for the celebration, as if it were a new season pass to which we are already more than accustomed, they have presented the “Season of Xbox 2021”. The reason is to combine within the same description a huge display of free updates, offers, new content and in-game events.

And all this for what? You will be wondering, then, to meet objectives in the well-known Rewards, which will offer rewards of points for trying all these events and help us generate more scores.

The Season of Xbox begins with offers in the Store

In a few hours and starting on December 10, this ‘Season of Xbox’ will officially begin and with it new Offers will arrive at the Store, focused on DLCs, with more than 150 opportunities and Free-to-Play titles, so that we finally dare to invest in our favorite aesthetic.

And there will be few titles that will have extras: When playing FIFA 22 From December 15th to January 14th, you will get a free item for FUT. On Apex legends We will have the Winter Express, which is already available until December 21 or at Fallout 76, the Night of the Moth update, free for all players. Stay tuned to the web for more information on the offers and new events included in this ‘Season of Xbox’.

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