The SBC “FUT Captain and Shapeshifter Hero Pick” reappears. Worth? + Solution

As has been happening in recent weeks, we take advantage of the fact that it is Wednesday to receive another SBC player pick involving FUT Heroes Shapeshifters and Captains cards in FIFA 22 UltimateTeam. Before presenting this challenge, we want to share with you the requirements of Ferland Mendy FUTTIES Premium. Without further ado, let’s move on to the content of this article.

SBC “FUT Captain and Shapeshifter Hero Pick”

The next DCP will remain active until the tuesday august 9 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsular time). The prize will consist of a player’s choice of five FUT Heroes Shapeshifters or FUT Heroes Captains cards. We can repeat it once every 48 hoursbut the footballer we select will be non-transferable.

Challenge 1: Squad Rating: 86

Reward: Gold TOP Players Small Pack.

  • Min Star Value of the team: 86
  • Min Team Chemistry: 55
1 7
113,400 coins on PS, 114,200 on Xbox and 113,000 on PC

Challenge 2: Squad Rating: 88

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min Star Value of the team: 88
  • Min Team Chemistry: 45
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC FUT Captain and Shapeshifter Hero Pick"
167,400 coins on PS, 165,900 on Xbox and 163,100 on PC

It is the typical SBC that, if your budget is very large or you generate coins frequently, you can complete and you will not lose a large amount. But you must be aware that chances are you’ll end up unhappy with the outcome, as many of the cards available are very cheap right now. If you have a hard time generating coins, you don’t have too many stockings or you need to reinforce some positions of your team; then we would not recommend it.

Here you have the cheapest solution to get another Summer Swaps token and an envelope of 45,000 coins. If you want to know when we upload articles, you can join the Telegram broadcast channel And if you have any kind of doubt, write us in the comments or do it on Twitter (@utaldia).

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