The savages are coming out of the forest in droves! People began to scatter from all sides! It destroys what it captures

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, a pack of gray wolves heading to northeastern Oregon via southeastern Washington has caused serious concern among farmers who have already lost their livestock to the wolves.

After leaving the Tucannon region in January 2023, the WA139 wolf group left the Tucannon pack. The region through which the group operates includes Asotin, Garfield and Columbia counties. According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife documents, this group harmed many animals after entering Oregon.

Wolves in eastern Washington are not federally listed under the Endangered Species Act, the resolution says. This leaves the management of these wolves to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). If the WDFW makes a deadly decision against the WA139 group, it will be the first decision in the southeastern region of the state.

The killing of wolves, as expected, caused a reaction from animal rights activists. These defenders demand a different solution to the problem.

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