The regional city was frightened by the sound of sirens at night. Technical failure, explained later.

Residents of Pardubice on Tuesday evening were frightened by sirens. At the same time, some heard knocking. According to the city administration, this is a technical malfunction. But now people are unhappy that the municipality told them the reason just a few hours after the horrific incident.

Today, at about 1 a.m., a technical malfunction occurred at the terminal element of the warning of the fire and rescue service of the Pardubice region,” the city reported on Facebook.

This was not an emergency warning. But the siren really scared the residents. “It really spooked us, combined with the crazy rumble,” Ms Helena wrote. “I thought the plane had crashed. The blow was crazy,” Ms. Petra remarked.

“We, as firefighters, did not raise any alarm. It was probably a technical malfunction,” fire service spokeswoman Vendula Horakova told According to her, the alarm in the city is under control and the exact cause is still being established.

Residents are now unhappy that they only found out about this seven hours after they were woken up by the sirens. “After seven o’clock this is very important,” Mrs. Zdenka reproached the city. “If it ever gets really bad, we will wait too,” warned another citizen.

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