The recommended horror film by the prestigious Oscar-winning director

In this psychological horror story, Aisha, a woman who recently immigrated from Senegal, is hired to care for the daughter of a wealthy New York couple.

“Hypnotic horror movie. Symbol, myth and spirit come together to tell an internal saga. Laden with danger, threat and full of mystery and power. Its remarkable color palette and rock-solid audiovisual storytelling are combined with impressive performances, ”this is how Guillermo del Toro described it on his Twitter account (@realGDT). This film that has just been added to the Prime Video catalog on December 16 and that won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Sundance Festival.

It’s about the film nanny (Babysitter) a psychological horror story told in 99 minutes and starring Anna Diop (Titans) and Michelle Monaghan (echoes, the best of me) in the central roles. They play Aisha and Amy respectively, two women with completely opposite realities that will be linked when Amy and her husband Adam (Morgan Spector) decide to hire Aisha as a nanny for her little daughter Rose (Rose Decker). While the employing family lives in a wealthy apartment on New York’s Upper East Side, the nanny is a Senegalese immigrant who came to the United States in search of the American dream.

The dreams of Aisha, the nanny, are key in this film that explores psychological terror
The dreams of Aisha, the nanny, are key in this film that explores psychological terror

But not everything seems to be going smoothly since Aisha left a son in her native Senegal and wishes she could bring him with her. Nightmares take over this woman who is confusing the reality of the dream. The film plays a lot with the constant tension in which no character shows his true cards and each one of them is mistrusted. Likewise, Rose and her nanny establish an increasingly close bond due to the fact that the nanny’s parents are absent most of the time.

The clash between the two cultures does not take long to appear in this film that puts this white, wealthy professional mother full of opportunities at odds with the reality of an immigrant who longs to rescue her son from the horror of his reality in Senegal and bring him with her. her to give him new options, far from violence, misery and an uncertain future.

The nanny establishes a bond of care and love with little Rose
The nanny establishes a bond of care and love with little Rose

Despite the fact that the film goes through and explores the resources of horror movies that generate shocks, screams and unexpected scenes, nanny it also gets fully into a very deep topic such as immigration and more than anything how women experience it. This look is a faithful reflection of what the director Nikyatu Jusu wants to demonstrate in each of her productions, as could be seen in other fictions that she previously made, such as African Booty Scratcher (2007), Flowers (2015) and Suicide By Sunlight (2019).

They complete the cast of nannySinqua Walls as Malik, Jahleel Kamara as Lamine, Leslie Uggams in the role of Kathleen and Olamide Candide-Johnson who plays Mariatou among others.

Michelle Monaghan as Rose's wealthy mother who hires her little girl's nanny
Michelle Monaghan as Rose’s wealthy mother who hires her little girl’s nanny

You can see nanny on Prime Video.

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