The rebellion of Christian Nodal

I would not believe that the idol of regional music Christian nodal, famous for his musical style and for his controversial love affair with Belinda, I could have something in common with legendary Hollywood star Olivia de Havilland (died in 2020 at 104 years old), but yes there is.

Christian Nodal arrives at the Latin American Music Awards at the Dolby Theater on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017, in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

Christian Nodal. (Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

In the mid-1940s, the actress – who would win two Oscars, and who thanks to her appearance in ‘gone With the Wind‘became a historical figure— She filed a lawsuit against the Warner Brothers studio, to get the dissolution of the leonine contract that bound her with the company, subjecting her to the will of the executives who chose for her the projects that they wanted and did not give her options to seek her independence.

The one that de Havilland was victorious (what is known as the ‘De Havilland Law’ was created, which makes the extension of employment contracts of more than 5 years illegal and signified the beginning of the end of the so-called ‘Studio System’), changed the history of US law and opened the door for other interpreters to have more control over their careers, providing Since then, a certain blow to the studios that had a monopoly on lives and careers.

The actress at the time was punished and had to let 18 months go by without working in what her lawyers managed to dissolve the contract of yore, but he recovered his career, his freedom to choose projects and even won a second Oscar in 1949, leaving a mark on the history of the entertainment world.

What carried out this week Nodal (and that has been worth it to become an international trend, making even a personal statement had to be made), by challenging and protecting itself against a judicial process by the Universal Music Group, It is an action that is reminiscent of Olivia’s brave defiance, plus it puts the singer in a whole new light..

After numerous reports were run that indicated that the interpreter of ‘Adiós Amor’ was subject to a possible veto by the record company for refusing to renew his contract with them, it was necessary to make the points clear, although it was also clear that not everything is honey on flakes.

It is ironic that this happened around Nodal, whose family business is precisely the record company founded by his father, However, through a video broadcast on social networks that we reproduce below, the singer pointed out that what was rumored was not entirely true.

“I have a resolution of a federal judge where it orders that all the measures that Universal requested (be) deniedIn other words, there is no such veto, it is false, so false that a judge is ordering it, “he said.

“I do NOT have a current contract with Universal. Actually, what they are doing is that, by force, as I did NOT want to sign a new contract, They are putting all this circus of the media and social networks against me, and they do me an injustice because I have given my five years of career (and) I have made them clean, working very hard, giving my 100 percent “.

This came to light a few days ago when a document was “leaked” by the Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms AC (AMPROFON) in which it was stipulated that the record company had sought to establish precautionary measures against producers, artists and groups that were interested in collaborating with the famous man born in Caborca, Sonora in 1999.

In the aforementioned text, the interested parties are urged to refrain from disclosing, distributing, commercializing, manufacturing, promoting, hiring, selling and / or exploiting sound recordings with the celebrity, which is equivalent to a veto, which according to the federal labor law in force in Mexico, is illegal.

“I have no veto. I can continue collaborating with the artists that I want, I can continue working with the people that I want.And nothing, I wanted to let you know that a lot of music is coming, a lot of surprises, the best stage of my career is coming, “added the Sonoran, who added:”Please don’t believe everything that comes out. I have no veto. I repeat: I have the order of the judge that orders that everything that Universal is requesting not be made possible “.

It is not the first time that a music artist has rebelled against a record label; However, in this case, reason and the law assist Nodal, who dared to do what others had not achieved: turn around the controlling campaign of the transnational company to expose its unethical practices.

Certainly Nodal has taken a strong and firm step, to exhibit and end some habits that incredibly still persist in the XXI century; This will undoubtedly help others who do not have the popularity that he has, but have known how to use the networks in his favor, makes Nodal prove once again that he is much smarter than many thought.


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