The reason that Julia Roberts’ children want her to open a restaurant

Julia Roberts’ children agree that their mother is an excellent cook.

In addition to having an Academy Award (Oscar)-winning mother who is a film producer and one of the best actresses in the Hollywood industry, the children of Julia Roberts they want her to open a restaurant, they don’t say it’s mandatory but they do say that doing so would be an amazing idea.

And it’s not just because she played a foodie in “Eat Pray Love”. but they “they think I’m a good cook”, said Roberts a People in 2011, talking about their three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry. “In fact they told me that I should open a restaurant”.

Her children were barely school age at the time of the interview, but it seems that mom’s culinary brilliance hasn’t faded over the years.. “I just cook what anyone wants to eat”Told him Roberts to E! News in 2015. “Cooking for days and days. I’m lovin ‘it. Feeding people is one of the joys of my life”.

Julia He is very responsible and is very attentive to food at home. “We try to eat consciously”he says about planning his family’s meals. “As I always tell my kids: you have to eat the good stuff to get the good stuff.”

A typical day might include granola and yogurt, a vegetarian lunch, and a healthy fish dinner, with even more vegetables, according to good housekeeping. Roberts She’s also not one to avoid carbs or a cookie; balance is the name of the game for Juliaand she told the Toronto Sun that drinking water, getting enough sleep, and staying cheerful are just as important as any diet or exercise regimen.

Julia Roberts’ children want their mother to open a restaurant. Source: Instagram

Julia Roberts is a cooking enthusiast. Source: Deadline

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