The reason Faithful Hassan wants his son and Danny Sumargo to take another DNA test

JAKARTA, – Disjoki Vernie Hasan recently gained public attention after mentioning another DNA test by artist Danny Sumargo.

Danny Sumargo also reacted by reporting Vernie Hasan to the police on suspicion of defamation.

More recently, Verni Hassan, who was accompanied by his lawyer Geoffrey Simatupang, revealed his reasons for wanting to take another DNA test.

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“This is just a comparison,” Verny said at a meeting in Kopybrug, Tebet, South Jakarta on Tuesday evening (August 29, 2023).

Verney admitted that he was disturbed because he felt that Danny Sumargo often recalls past problems.

“My child is 11 years old, he is already playing on social networks, and I am a mother who is trying her best to raise him by working,” Verny said.

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“Restoring his psyche, he was constantly brought up. People who don’t know know, people who don’t remember, become memorable,” Verny added.

Meanwhile, Verney’s lawyer, Geoffrey, stressed that his previous client’s upload about the DNA test did not stymie either side.

“To this day, Faithful is still trying to fight for who his father is. Judging by his struggle, was it wrong that this mother wanted to take a DNA test?” Geoffrey said.

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“Assumptions are evolving, Verny is blaming certain parties. There are no accusations against the person or the hospital, that’s the point,” Jeffrey added.

Danny Sumargo is known to have performed in front of DJ Verny Hassan on Tuesday (22/08/2023) evening at Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta.

Densu’s report against Verny Hassan was filed under number LP/B/4945/VIII/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA to the reporting person Verny Hasan, owner of the @vernyhasan_ Instagram account.

This report started when Danny Sumargo was disturbed by one of Verney’s Instagram uploads.

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In his upload, Faithful spoke about the DNA test of Danny Sumargo and Faithful’s children.

Danny thought that Vernie had doubts about the DNA test he had previously taken.

In fact, a DNA test he underwent in 2013 showed that Denny Sumargo was not the biological father of Vernie Hasan’s child.

In a letter of account, Denny Sumargo informed Verny with article 27, paragraph 3 jo. Section 3 of Article 45 and/or Article 310 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 311 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 315 of the Criminal Code regarding defamation.

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