The Quirónsalud Hospital in Córdoba launches an Aesthetic Medicine Unit

Hospital Quirónsalud Córdoba has added to its portfolio of services a new Aesthetic Medicine Unit in which an “experienced and qualified team of professionals”, depending on the health center, performs a personalized diagnosis and offers the most appropriate technique or procedure for the needs of each patient.

As the hospital institution has indicated in a note, in this new unit, made up of the doctors María José Espiñeira, Cristina Gómez, Carmen Alcántara and Victoria Jiménezand provided with the latest technology in this area, specialized care is offered and the patient is advised, guaranteeing the best results with a natural appearance, achieving an improvement in the features for which natural beauty is enhanced with a wide variety of treatments. minimally invasive focused on different age groups.

In the case of young patientsthe most requested treatments are those aimed at improving some specific aspect of your face anatomy such as beautification and lip volumization or sunken eye circle correction. In the unit, treatments are carried out with dermapen, mesotherapy, lip beautification and dark circles removal, among others.

From the 35 or 40 years, signs of aging appear on the skin. It is at that moment when it is more advisable to try to “slow down time”, for which the unit has multiple tools, among which are facial redensification, neuromodulation, replacement of lost volumes, and improvement of flaccidity and facial contour.

Treatments in men

Thus, the most frequent treatments carried out in the unit are neuromodulation; dark circles correction with hyaluronic acid; facial redensification; facial mesotherapy; dermapen treatments to eliminate sagging skin, enhance luminosity and eliminate acne marks; chemical peels, thread liftsplatelet-rich plasma, and dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid for the chin, mandibular marking, treatment of cheekbones, lips, marionette lines and narsogenian groove.

Men also go to consultation, for them all treatments can be used, discarding old stereotypes about aesthetic treatments in mensince more and more people go to the Aesthetic Medicine consultation to enhance a masculine and elegant beauty.

In addition, the new Aesthetic Medicine Unit of the Quirónsalud Córdoba Hospital incorporates the most advanced technology in facial rejuvenation with intense pulsed light (IPL), with which it is possible to improve and even make skin blemishes disappear, and improve acne and photoaging in few sessions.

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