“The Puma does not have a woman …”

The midfielder again generated controversy with a message on networks where he indicates that the Azteca stadium is the home of Pumas and recalling a famous letter from an auriazul song

Erik Lira, who was in charge of heating up the duel against him America Throughout the week, he returned to send a controversial message to the Eagles moments after those of the UNAM were in charge of eliminating them in the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021.

The midfielder uploaded to his social networks with Santiago Colombatto, Marco García and Sebastián Saucedo, accompanied by the phrase “El Puma does not have a woman …” phrase that is part of one of the cheers of the animation groups of Cougars against the America.

In addition to the fragment of the song that is usually heard every time there is a confrontation between America and Pumas, Lira He put “Home” as the location, in reference to the Azteca Stadium, a field where the university students passed over the Eagles.

Since the UNAM team managed to advance to the quarterfinals after eliminating Toluca in the playoffs, Lira was in charge of giving flavor to the capital rivalry, because in the middle of the Nemesio Díez court, the midfielder yelled at the auriazul baton “We’re going to screw the America”.

At midweek, during the university media day, the youth squad from Cougars He expressed that said cry was born to him and also assured that he was going to do so, that they would beat the America to advance to the semifinals.

“It was born to me and I am sure that it will be like that, there is no other way and not only I think so, we all think so”, was the answer he gave after asking him about the shout he made on the ‘Bombonera’ court.

Cougars returned to the semifinals of the MX League, after the previous semester, in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021, they did not even manage to reach the playoffs, as they culminated in the fifteenth position with just 18 units, after four wins, six draws and seven defeats.

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