The promotion in Liga MX would be reactivated in this 2022Mediotiempo

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Although the official or original date was 2023for the second semester, as stated during the Leagues Cup Showcase 2022 the president of the MX League, Mikel Arriolait could happen that for this year a team from the MX Expansion League I managed to get to the First division bass a purely sports format.

“Us we will reactivate the ascent and descent, this year will return and we have a scheme that certifies the quality of the equipment and also the economic balance.

black lions is certified and if we have four certificates, and one of them is Champion, will automatically ascend”, he said in an interview with ESPN.

in constant verification

The circuit is in a process of evaluation and verification of the clubs that make up that Divisionto which they are equal supporting with an economic incentive.

Some of the requirements is to have stadiums for at least 20 thousand peoplewith all the services, and sports facilities and club house.

“The promotion decision is not in my hands, it is in the teams, because have predictability about their requirements. I think he is a incentive to what meet the requirements. So this process has been hard, but quite efficient and, in terms of result, we are evolving“Commented Arriola himself a couple of months ago.

Equipment that could be certified

  • black lions
  • atlantean
  • Atletico Morelia
  • roadrunner
  • golden
  • deer
  • miners

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