The Promise That Wasn’t: Why Chloe Grace Moretz’s Career Failed To Take Off

The movie industry has always been a swampy ground for women. As time went by and rights were gained in other sectors, the workers of the seventh art were adapting to the new contexts and giving up spaces that were practically denied to women’s work before: both the monetary, as the protagonists, as the roles behind and in front of the camera. Chloë Grace Moretz She is one of the many actresses who suffered the judgmental gaze of men and admitted feeling all the time “infantilized” for them, for that reason, he could never make his career stand out. Can she do it now that the present is more gentle with women who want to succeed in the cinema?

For a long time, Chloë Grace Moretz She was seen as one of the great promises of Hollywood. Since her first appearance in Amityville Horror, the actress stood out for her presence. Years later, her participation in kick ass Y Let me in They showed that she could become one of the biggest stars in the industry. But even with fame and recognition, Chloë Grace Moretz he wasn’t having a good time, he felt “infantilizedby the men of Hollywood.

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