The price of the Motorola RAZR 3 is going to give us a good cheer


It seems that Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip will finally have a serious rival at its height, with this Motorola RAZR 3, which is already expected to rise to its level despite a substantial price reduction.

It seems that Lenovo and Motorola are already clearing the way for new RAZR from 2022and it is that between those 19 phones that promised us, we already knew there would be a new foldable with a name ‘Maven’ in development code, plus another flagship that would debut the Samsung Isocell HP1 sensor with 200 megapixels that is known as ‘frontier’.

This time, it has been from CompareDial where new leaks that emerged in China were published, of course, in which they were revealed certain details of a Motorola RAZR 3 that outlines its possibilities and finishes, with great news at least in terms of price and availability.

Motorola Moto RAZR 2022

This will be the new Moto RAZR of 2022: more refined design, without folds and with a double camera.

Not surprisingly, they have already referred prices for the European market confirming that we will see it here soon and officially, and reporting in addition to the colors used by Lenovo and Motorola designers for the launch of its reference folding mobile.

Lenovo and Motorola want to raise the level of a RAZR 3 that should be presented in July, and that will offer us a foldable with the highest performance with a larger battery, a refined design and a much more attractive price of about 1,149 euros.

And this, folks, is the new foldable Motorola RAZR on video

Thus, the color chosen by Motorola for the debut of this RAZR 3 would be the Quartz Blackwith a sleek, deep-tone black finish, much more sober than in the previous RAZR and very far from the customizations and bright colors with which Samsung and its Galaxy Z Flip3 play. Apparently yes more colors will come but they will do it laterand only this black quartz will appear from the beginning.

Not only that, and the great news revealed to us from China is that the price of 1,599 euros at which the last RAZR 5G was sold will be lowered very considerably, with about 1,149 euros much more affordable for this RAZR 3 which, now, seems to be well prepared to compete with Samsung.

They are 450 euros discount in just one generation, and also for my taste it is about a more successful design than in the case of Samsungwith a larger and more useful outdoor screen and a hinge that hides the fold of the flexible OLED panel much better.

They also said that this 2022 RAZR should follow a similar strategy to that of previous RAZRs in terms of hardware, although in the end it seems that Lenovo will bet on raising its level to the highest rangebecause of the Snapdragon series 7 of previous models, we will go to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with the latest TSMC 4 nanometer technology process.

It will be a flagship with all the letters, so this reduction of 450 euros is even more significantincreasing the external screen from 2.7 inches to 3 inches, further refining its design and with a larger battery which, obviously, will have to feed a larger and more powerful set.

In fact, the internal screen will also grow, which goes from 6.2 inches to 6.7adding 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage.

A very heavy weight for a market that expects novelties that seriously compete with the Galaxy Zalthough for now we will have to keep an eye on Lenovo and Motorola because It does not seem that this RAZR 3 will be presented until next JulyLet’s be patient because it will be worth it!

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