The price of family reunification of Cubans to the United States: more than 4,500 dollars

In the midst of the global health crisis, other small crises occur on a more personal level, such as the fact that a family reunification process takes longer than it should, whether due to contagion, absence of air connections or border closures. All this conspires against the reunification of thousands of Cubans, who are waiting for a final reunion in the United States.

This is how some Cubans in Miami recently told, in a report on the television network, Telemundo. Those papers, permits, and final visas are slowed down much more, given the absence of visa work from the United States Embassy in Havana, and the delays from the consulate in Guyana, which is constantly postponing appointments due to the current health crisis.

Reports indicate that thousands of Cubans despair at the slow pace of the procedures to obtain a visa to the United States, where they hope to reunite with their families. “There is already a lot of suffering for parents separated from their children, mothers, siblings,” Iliana Lemus, a Cuban resident in the Miami town of Hialeah who has been waiting since 2018, explained to Telemundo.

In addition, the lengthening of these immigration procedures more than they should have led to higher costs in Guyana. According to this investigation, they are disbursing more than 4,500 dollars for the purchase of air tickets, medical check-ups and hostel rent for a stay of several days in that South American country.

“Leave Cuba now, everyone knows what that means, move to a strange country, with what that implies. Yes, it is very expensive, of course, “said another user, Juan Andrés Fonseca.


The latest updates from the Cuban airport company, known as ECASA, indicated that the Caribbean company Aruba Airlines would resume its connections with the Guyanese capital, Georgetown, at the end of the month. Both from Havana Airport and Camagüey Airport.

At the end of November, the Trinidadian airline Caribbean Airlines announced the restart of its flights between Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. They promoted this connection as an opportunity to take advantage of this stopover and the constant flights by the same company between Port of Spain and the Guyanese capital. Other airlines that are being used are Copa Airlines and Air Century, both with stays in Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The demand that they reopen in Cuba, the granting of visas to the United States, continues to be the main one by Cubans on social networks. A few days ago, the US Embassy in the Cuban capital requested thematic recommendations to deal with in 2022. The generality of these comments called for the opening of the consular services in Havana for the current year. The same ones that are currently done in Guyana and that make procedures more expensive for Cubans.

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