The preventive medicine that Chris Hemsworth talks about will soon be applied to all newborns according to experts

The actor Chris Hemsworth He has decided to put an end to his acting career after discovering that he has a gene for which he is 10 times more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. His grandfather suffers from the pathology and the interpreter would have inherited this gene from his parents.

With your ad, Elsa Pataki’s husband has opened a debate on the preventive diagnoses. angel durantez is a pioneer in preventive medicine for healthy aging. He establishes that today there are criteria for doing this type of test. In the case of Alzheimer’s, it is done if you have a first-degree relative with the disease diagnosed under 60 years of age. This does not mean that in the field of preventive medicine there are people with genotypes of all kinds: cancer or cardiovascular diseases.

In these types of studies more than 900 genes are analyzed. In the event that the person is a carrier of an altered gene preventive measures are taken to curb the development of the illness.

You are surprised that Hemsworth has said that he will work less because he is an apparently healthy person with good lifestyles. He points out that according to some articles by a Californian neurologist that explain the protocol to reverse neurocognitive deterioration in Alzheimer’s patients. These recommendations range from healthy lifestyles: diet, exercise, avoiding toxic habits, taking additional supplements, or practicing additional training.

It is estimated that 8% of the population has some actionable genetic variant

The percentage of the population with some actionable genetic variant is 8%, meaning that something can be done to prevent it. These types of tests are very expensive but he believes that as they become cheaper It will be implemented at the birth of all children as precision medicine.

He considers that when diseases are detected that cannot be prevented, the patient is not even informed. “Reading the entire book on the genome is something that I think will be done practically globally in the future.”

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