The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, announces the repeal of Law 1386

(CNN Spanish) – The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, announced on Saturday night the abrogation of the controversial Law 1386 of National Strategy to Fight Against the Legitimization of Illicit Profits and Financing of Terrorism, after completing the sixth day of indefinite national strike, where they have been registered several episodes of violence and confrontations, in the face of a growing rejection of different social sectors of the country that joined the protests.

Arce reported on Twitter that he has already sent his vice president, who is also the president of the Legislative Assembly, David Choquehuanca Céspedes, the draft for the repeal of Law 1386.

Arce made the announcement surrounded by some representatives of social sectors related to his government, and pointed out that the decision was made after an evaluation meeting with union leaders allied with his and his technical team.

The president asked the sectors in conflict to lift the pressure measures.

He assured that the determination was made so that there are no more “pretexts” to paralyze the economy.

The first reactions of the mobilized social sectors is that they will evaluate and analyze the president’s announcement to make decisions to suspend the strike or not.

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