The President congratulated basketball players on their victory over Spain

Today, Latvia rejoices in the strength of our basketball players and the success in defeating the extremely strong Spanish team. The President of the country also expressed his joy over this victory of “X”.

Record “X”: “We have a dream team! While I am studying at the Pumpuri school in the hometown of Arturs Žagar and Arturs Strautins (I was also lucky to study there), the guys are winning in Spain! Congratulations! We are and will be the best And if God allows us to win, Then we’ll go as far as we can And keep it up!”

The commentators join in congratulating Edgars Rinkevics, but also recall the tense situation with the formation of the government: “The day is really wonderful! If only it had not been overshadowed by the paranoid struggle for power in Latvia…”

“We have everything, we simply do not have a functioning Latvian state administration based on teamwork, a wise head of state focused on the traditions and patriotism of the Latvian people!!”

“Congratulations to the team: they exceeded all expectations and their skill ensured an outstanding victory.”

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