The possible alignment of Club América for the Vuelta match against Pumas

By Gilberto Andrés Alfaro

Saturday, November 27, 2021

The america has a very important game tonight, because he will play on the field of Aztec stadium the return of the Quarterfinals against Pumas, a team with which they tied without goals in the first leg. However, everything would be in favor of the Eagles qualifying for the semifinal, from home and the position in the table, until the starting 11 that would send Santiago Solari to field.

Taking into account the available players and the match lineup in University City, in goal and defense we would see the same five men: Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Cáceres, Emanuel Aguilera and Salvador Reyes. In the half court to Fernando Madrigal as a pivot, leaning on the immovable Richard Sánchez and Álvaro Fidalgo. In the attack the only change would be Federico Viñas by Henry Martin, with Mauro Lainez and Roger Martinez in each band.

Although it is clear that we all want to see an America that wins, likes and scores, we must remember that Solari must prioritize the defensive order, because any tie gives the Eagles a pass to the next round. However, the Pumas, who qualified in 11th place in the General Table, They should not be a major problem for the Argentine strategist and his pupils.

The big doubts facing the Quarterfinals

Renato Ibarra could be considered by Solari for tonight’s game, although his lack of competition rhythm makes him unviable to play a direct elimination match. In addition, Santiago Naveda I could watch minutes of play while Pedro Aquino, the incumbent in that position, is waiting to see how his recovery goes.

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