The police revealed the motives of the deadly duel in Bogor due to borrowing money


Police have uncovered a motive for a deadly duel that resulted in the death of one person in Sitereup, Bogor Regency, West Java. The criminal Diansyah (21 years old) killed Munawar Soim (26 years old) because he did not answer when he borrowed money.

“As a result of the perpetrator’s statement, the motive was that he wanted to borrow money, but the victim did not respond,” said Yayan Sopyan, head of the Iptu City Police Criminal Investigation Department, when contacted by reporters on Monday (07/24/2023).

Yayan said that the two of them were the managers of the fried chicken shop. There was an argument before the discussion.

“First get into an argument, then use your bare hands, and then use a knife,” he explained.

Diancia is currently in police custody at Siterup. He had previously been treated in the hospital for his injuries.

“Yes, we secured it, we requested information,” he concluded.

Two men are known to have engaged in a death duel with bladed weapons in Sitereup, Bogor, West Java. One died from wounds on the body after being stabbed.

“Yes, it is true that it happened this afternoon. One person has died,” Citereup Police Chief Compol Yufrialdi told detikcom on Sunday (23/7).

The fight to the death took place at the victim’s rented house in the village of Leeuvinutug, Siterup District, Bogor District, around 1 pm ET. The victim died from his injuries after participating in a duel with the perpetrator.

“It is true that he (the victim) was wounded. It was a one on one question. So they had a duel with weapons, knives,” Üflardi said.


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