The poisonous synergy of the crazy drag queen Nobody Saves the World is explained on video with a rat and a horse

Talking about DrinkBox Studios is talking about a very talented studio that has given us the colorful and fun Guacamelee !, without forgetting that little gem called Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack or the original dungeon-crawler Severed.

The peculiar style of this Canadian team has always been impregnated with each work and with Nobody Saves the World will remain visible, but under a genre that I had not yet tried, that of roguelike: one of the indies that we will see in 2022.

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With his new video, focused on its online multiplayer aspect (no, there will be no local mode), the peculiarity of a couple of the many and varied creatures that we can control is explained to us. In this case in the skin of a rat and a horse sharing mischief in their cooperative mode, where the difficulty is triggered.

And all to explain the synergies that we can activate, such as tinkering with the poisonous ability to spread its effect or create explosions in between. A small brushstroke of the more than 80 skills that can be combined among the ten creatures available. We look forward to it on PC and Xbox consoles (where it has been confirmed launch for Xbox Game Pass) in early 2022, which for now DrinkBox has not released a bad video game.

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