The Peripheral (2022) review: promises to be Amazon Prime Video’s new great sci-fi series but still only Chloë Grace Moretz is at that level

amazon He has been trying to find his new great science fiction series for Prime Video for some time now. It is true that it could be said that ‘The Boys’ already is, but superheroes are a separate case within this genre, while the rest of the recent attempts have not gelled as well as expected. Both ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Paper Girls’ were quickly cancelled, while ‘Outer Range’ took a long time to renew and the question remains of how it will be affected by the departure of its creator.

Now the company is trying its luck again with ‘The Peripheral’adaptation of the novel by William Gibson which is backed by the participation of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the same duo behind ‘Person of Interest’ and ‘Westworld’. However, their contribution here is limited to their role as executive producers, since the true mastermind behind it is Scott Smith, a writer -his was the novel that adapted the masterful ‘A Simple Plan’- converted into a screenwriter who here has his first big adventure on television.

Doesn’t take off at all

It is true that there are some issues that ‘The Peripheral’ addresses that go back to previous works by Nolan and Joy, perhaps hence their interest in the series, but that does not lead us to think that it is more of the same, because everything here suggests that it will use its science fiction nature to opt for a more typical of the thriller approach. Obviously, we will have to wait to see how everything develops, but that is the feeling left by the first episode that arrives on Prime Video this Friday October 21.

On this first contact, it is striking that it presents two different universes. The first is a more or less near future in which the protagonist played by Chloë Grace Moretz It gives a bit of a feeling of being trapped in a situation far below what she can give of herself but that she cannot leave behind because of family ties. Perhaps to say that this presentation is exemplary is a bit of an exaggeration, but there it is that ‘The Peripheral’ engages and leaves you curious to see how everything will evolve, also giving us enough details to get to know this world without affecting how the story flows .

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Less stimulating is the other part located in a kind of virtual reality, partly because it feels a bit more conventional when that’s where the series should go a step further and become I don’t know if it’s an immersive experience, spectacular or what exactly, but certainly something else than what we see on screen. There everything feels more like a complement and it is something that can turn against you as soon as it continues to cause an imbalance of interest.

However, it is possible that it is simply because there they have to be less clear about what they are proposing, paying more attention to all the setting work, since it is presented as a future further away in time and with notable technological advances. Also, here already affects the links between both worlds and it is clear that it will go further, so we hope that Smith knows how to make the most of the possibilities of the story.

The best, Moretz

The Peripheral Chloe Grace Moretz

However, the one who is already very inspired in this first episode is Moretz, an actress who seems to have taken a liking to science fiction, since lately we could also see her in the estimable ‘Hidden Passenger’ or in the poor ‘Mother/ Android’. His Flynne is a hook charactermanaging to convey both emotional closeness and the certainty that she is a woman called to much more than her daily routine indicates.

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She is also the one who makes the enigma posed by the series interest us more, since the inevitable cliffhanger with which the episode closes It’s starting to narrow everything more. The question is ‘The Peripheral’ is going to make the series as attractive both when Moretz appears on screen and when he doesn’t. We will see.

In short

The Peripheral Scene

‘The Peripheral’ has material to end up becoming that great science fiction series that Amazon wants, but he still lacks his own to achieve it. In her favor, she mainly has an inspired Chloë Grace Moretz and the curiosity aroused by the near future in which her character lives. On the downside, that other more distant future still doesn’t have the necessary hook, but hey, as a first contact it’s not bad at all.

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