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..Cristina Cebrián.
The Council of Ministers approved this week the Preliminary draft of the Equity, Universality and Cohesion Law that establishes the Public Management sanitary like “preferred formula”. The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, assured that public management “improves and expands the rights of citizens”. However, from the private health sector they consider that there is a misconception at the base. As he comments with iHealth Carlos Rus, president of the Spanish Private Health Alliance (ASPE) and president of the CEOE’s Health and Social Affairs Commission, privately managed public centers are still models of public management. In addition, the president of ASPE clarified that the patient does not care about the ownership of the management, what he wants is to have access to good medicine.

How does it affect Spain that the two government parties are not able to agree on the health management model? How do ASPE and the CEOE see this legislative change?
It is already a surprise that there is a government in coalition where legislative initiatives are being presented that are not presented by the Government but by the party that is in the government that it supports, in this case the socialist party. In the end, this creates insecurity. I think this is bad for any decision you want to take or for any step you want to take with a little thought ahead.

Both from ASPE and from the CEOE, it generates a lot of concern, especially because it gives us the feeling that what has been given to Podemos to entertain itself is education and health. And in the end it is a continuous tension, an attempt to impose an ideology and not lead to other solutions, but rather to try to impose the solution that they understand as valid.

Both from ASPE and from the CEOE we are very concerned that what has been given to Podemos to entertain itself is education and health

Do you agree with the statement of the Minister of Health that public management of health centers improves and expands the rights of citizens?
It has a misconception at the base. And it is that a public center that has a private management, is a model of public management because within the public management is the direct management, the foundation, the company or the holding of a contest or a concession model. And all of them are models of public management, they all have the same demands and the same quality requirements. In the end, the patient does not care, the patient wants good medicine. He cares very little about the ownership of the management, because the ownership of the center will always be public.

What tools does private health use to increase the management of public or private health centers?
There is a concept that the former president of ASPE, Cristina Contel, said a lot: if in the end we have not done things well, we will not be able to pay our professionals or suppliers and we have to close the blind. And this is a sentence that every businessman has. Either I do it well, or my client recognizes me, or I give quality, or in the end I will have to close the blind.

We have to be constantly innovating, have our professionals perfectly trained and be up-to-date in technology, with the best health results.

So, we have to be constantly innovating, we have to have our professionals perfectly trained; We have to be up-to-date in technology, have the best possible treatment of the patient and the best health results. That is, we depend because we are chosen, it is not the hospital that I have assigned, it is the hospital that I have decided to go to. And if it doesn’t go well, I’ll go to another tomorrow. That accessibility, that decision-making capacity that the patient has is what gives us value.

During the pandemic, private health centers have been made available to the public health without reservations, do you feel valued by the Government?
No, it has cost a lot that in the political sphere, mention is made of health and the entire National Health System, both public and private. The times in which reference has been made have been counted counting on all, with the public and private part.

Our disposition has been total and absolute and continues to be so. We have vaccinated 27,000 people for free in the Canary Islands and we are doing it in the Balearic Islands. But we are where you want to count on us. If not, it is because there is an ideological weight. And when we are not recognized, the problem is that it seems that politically we are not profitable.

We are where you want to count on us, if not, it is because there is an ideological weight. It seems that politically we are not profitable

Why is health a strategic sector and an economic engine?
Because when you have a sector with highly qualified professionals, when you generate more than 360,000 jobs, when private healthcare generates 3.4% of GDP and health as a whole in Spain around 8%, it is almost the sum of a compendium, as if we were talking about half of tourism.

It is something that has a lot of power and that citizens are increasingly concerned about. We are living longer and longer, we have more chronic diseases and we are going to need more and more of this resource. Later, the economy and health are as closely linked as without one there is no other. This is something that the pandemic has shown.

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