The particular confessions of Ben Affleck’s ex that shake the networks

It was in June 2019 when Ben Affleck, the renowned and award-winning actor, had a relationship with Katy Cherry, a novice music composer from the Hollywood medium. The couple lived a few months of romance and love; when in October of the same year, after a relapse of the American in his addiction to alcohol, they separated and Ben left to film a movie. Recently in an interview, Katy told details of her relationship with the protagonist of Batman, and confessed to having had a conversation about the body of Jennifer Lopez. In addition, he commented on details of the relationship of Affleck with his ex-wife Jennifer garner.

In a recent note published with In Touch magazine, Katy Cherry confessed the details of how she met Ben affleck and how were those months of romance and love. “We met on the Raya app. We talked on FaceTime for four months before we met. It wasn’t every day, but it was from time to time ”, he commented. The two met for the first time in a bar in Santa Monica, California and there began their relationship. Katy remembers that first date “He’s so sweet, charming and super fun.” After a few weeks the actor confessed that he loved her and asked Cherry to move to live with him, although she did not feel the same, she did not hesitate to leave her things in her old house and move to the mansion that the actor has in Pacific Palisades. “He didn’t talk about marriage, but he said ‘I love you’ very, very quickly.” “He also proposed that I go live with him,” Katy said in the interview.

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