The next generation of Dolby Atmos will use the TV as an additional speaker in audio systems

You have probably heard of speakers that can be integrated with other speakers to create an acoustic circuit. Well, now, thanks to technology, TVs will also enter these chains. FlexConnect based on Dolby Atmos.

FlexConnect Technology Debuts in the Series TCL since 2024. Some companies already allow you to use TV speakers as a complement to a soundbar or other speakers, and rightfully so. To do this, Samsung has Q-Symphony, and Sony has Acoustic Center Sync. At the end of August 2023, Dolby will appear and announce some new Atmos features that will work on the same principle.

This is about pairing the TV speakers with any wireless speakers in the room. The technology is called Dolby Atmos FlexConnect and will debut on TCL TVs in 2024. FlexConnect will intelligently optimize the sound based on room design and any speaker placement.

The idea is to free users from restrictions on the size of the room they are in, the arrangement of furniture, or the location of outlets. FlexConnect allows you to place your speakers anywhere in the room and calibrate each speaker to match your TV’s speakers. This creates a unique Dolby Atmos profile specifically for each home.

Setup is simple and involves acoustic mapping done with the microphones built into the TV. They will locate each speaker before performing calibration. The result is enhanced sonic immersion no matter where you sit in the room. Calibration will transfer most of the dialogue to the TV, and the rest of the sound image to the surrounding speakers.

If there are two speakers behind the camera, the TV picks up dialogue and sounds coming from the front.

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