The new video podcast “Pats Krejumins” will look at the highlights and behind the scenes of domestic content

True, unlike the simple so-called couch experts, Pats Krejumins will focus on covering the essence of each week in a wide range of TV3 Group Latvija and Go3 content, as well as pointing out upcoming news, thereby helping the audience is not distracted. miss the hottest events, the most colorful personalities and the brightest quotes that will become Internet hits in various social networks tomorrow. Also, each episode will be devoted to learning more about the nuances, complexities, and stories of creating programs that continue even after the cameras are turned off. Such details will help to reveal, for example, the documentary series “Thailand. Adults Only” host Janis Krivens aka Krivenchy, Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, host of the dating show “Saimnieks ľiš sievu” and other content creators, participants and other faces of the upcoming season.

“Autumn is a time when not only students return to school, but a greater variety of content is returning to television and streaming platforms, offering both new seasons of your favorite shows, programs or series, as well as something completely new. Whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has an inner commentator who has something to say about everything visible and often invisible. Emil and I are no exception – we also have something to say about what we saw and what to ask content creators, so every week we will sit at the same table, ”says Justine, the author of the podcast idea, which does not hide the fact that she conscientiously watches most of the shows from their first seasons.

Meanwhile, Emil describes himself as an episodic TV viewer, especially when it comes to entertainment shows, so in the new show he will play the appropriate role – a superficially informed person “from the people” who looks at everything without much prior knowledge. it happens like a great miracle.

“It would be interesting to calculate how many hours there are in our day, how many days in our week and how many weeks in our year we will have to part in order to watch all the programs and be able not to fall out of the cycle. about each of their characters, who often quickly become the “cream of society” in the media just because of their participation in them. It is also worth asking the question – is it necessary to monitor everything and will it be good for health at all ?! I think that, in a sense, Justini and I are going to the audience with a mission equivalent to the mission of Internet libraries, where various literary works are available in a generalized form, emphasizing the very essence – the cream of the crop – in black and black tones. white,” Emil says of the podcast.

Watch and listen to the new episode of the Pats krējumiņš podcast every Wednesday on the Go3 streaming platform, on the website, on the portal, as well as on Spotify and Apple Game on September 6th.

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