The new organic beauty treatment that will restore light to your skin and make you float with well-being

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indicated for skins that need a rescuethis protocol combats dryness, scaling and dehydration, providing a new luminosity and promoting cell regeneration, thanks to its vegan formulas, free of parabens and silicones, and with more than 95% organic ingredients.

The new beauty treatment

It’s a shame but, at this point in the year, the only trace of summer left on our faces is not exactly the mirage of a juicy lush, as flattering as it is ephemeral. Rather, quite the contrary, because the splendor of summer usually gives way to an autumn slump that our skin manifests in the form of dryness, dehydration and that opacity that, clearly put, makes us get a terrible chard face.

The good news (and there always is) is that, since last September, we have a new (and powerful ally) in the fight against this chard face ‘epidemic’ because OLAND, the young brand of organic anti-aging cosmetics ‘made in Spain‘, has just launched its first in-cabin facial treatment.

Hand in hand with María Muoz and her Clinic La Franaise (Madrid), OLAND offers a exclusive sensory experience of beauty and comprehensive well-being, responsible with the environment and with the skin, through a very careful protocol with powerful properties antioxidants, soothing and nourishing.

indicated for skins that need a rescuethis treatment combats dryness, scaling and dehydration, providing a new luminosity and promoting cell regeneration, thanks to its vegan formulas, free of parabens and silicones, and with more than 95% organic ingredients.


These are the steps of the healer (physically and mentally) protocol proposed by OLAND and Clinica La Franaise:

1. Clean: The trip starts with a soft massage with the nourishing cleansing milk on the face, neck and décolletage to release tension and free the skin of impurities, traces of make-up, excess oil and pollution, thus preparing it to receive the treatment. Its creamy formula, with organic anti-aging active ingredients regenerates and protects sensitive and delicate skin from dehydrationreactivating its natural barrier, while providing an experience of indescribable freshness.

2. Recharge: after that sublime disconnection from the madding crowd, it is time to tone up and provide a shot of energy to the skin with the energizing facial mist. Formulated with Organic Extract of Beech and Hyssop Sprouts, it optimizes cell metabolism, while perfecting the cleansing ritual, leaving the skin hydrated, revitalized and radiant.

3. Renew: then apply the brightening anti-aging serum, a true anti-aging cell renewal pump that minimizes wrinkles and activates collagen production, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. Through deep massage maneuvers, it is possible to penetrate the product, leaving the velvety and radiant skin instantly thanks to its gold particles.

4. Reaffirm: the decongestant and firming massage that is given with the intensive anti-aging mask, and that combines acupressure, lymphatic drainage and other active maneuvers, works the miracle of stimulate collagen production. Its vegan and waterless formula includes an exclusive selection of the highest quality organic oils and butters from macadamia nuts, babassu, rosehip, cocoa or cupuacu.

5. Decongest: After removing the mask with warm water, apply the eye contour in cream format or geloid texture, depending on the needs of each person, to restore hydration levels, firm, drain and decongest the look. To enhance its effect, soft smoothing massages are applied to bags, dark circles and expression lines.

6. Protect: Finally, the ritual concludes with the application of the anti wrinkle day creama vegan formula loaded with antioxidants, organic oils and maximum concentrations of liposomal hyaluronic acid that protects, prevents, restructures and calms even the most sensitive skin, promoting its luminosity.

The result of all that pampering, plus a relaxed and glowing faceis a state of well-being that will make you float.

OLAND ANTI-AGING FACIAL: Clinic La Franaise, Calle de Lagasca, 79, 28006 Madrid. Price: 90/60 minutes.

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