The new life of Michael Schumacher and the luxurious house where they took him

In the same week that Michael Schumacher turns nine after suffering a terrible ski accident, his family shared a sweet photo celebrating Christmas, but the Formula 1 racing legend does not appear in it, so the world continues without knowing clues about his health.

However, European media say the former pilot was moved to a £27 million villa in Mallorca, Spain, where the Schumachers plan to start a new life.

The photo of the Schumacher family reunited for Christmas was shared on Instagram by Mick, the 23-year-old son of the seven-time Formula 1 champion who follows in his father’s footsteps in F1.

In the living room of a house and in front of three trees, Mick posed with his mother, Corinna; her sister, Gina-Maria, and her dogs. Missing from the family portrait, however, is Michael, whose privacy his family has guarded carefully since the skiing accident.

Although it is not certain where the photograph was taken, it is believed that it could have been in the mansion that the family has had for several years in Lausanne, Switzerland.

However, the European press takes it for granted that the Schumacher family is preparing for their new life in Mallorca, the Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mansion of the Schumacher family in Mallorca, Spain. Photo: The Sun

According to the British media ‘The Sun’, the property that the family acquired has been modified and adapted to Michael’s needs, where there must be a team of doctors and nurses who provide care 24 hours a day.

The property, which once belonged to the Real Madrid sports director, Florentino Pérez, would have been acquired in 2018 with his wife Corinna for a value of 27 million pounds sterling.

Although to date it has only been used for vacations, the family would be getting ready to settle in this huge and luxurious property that has two swimming pools, a large garden, a helipad, a guest wing, and ocean views.

What is known about Schumacher?

The current health condition of the 53-year-old German ex-pilot remains a complete enigma, since his family does not provide information about it.

Schumacher suffered a serious accident on December 29, 2013 in which he hit his head while skiing during his family vacation in the French Alps.

Doctors fought to save his life and placed him in an induced coma. Since then, he is said to have regained consciousness, but this has not been confirmed by his family and, after leaving the hospital, he is treated at his home in Switzerland by a private medical team.

In these nine years without knowing details about his state of health, many fans and even friends and relatives of the former pilot have criticized the family for keeping his condition a secret.

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