The mystery doesn’t end. Polish trains continue to block emergency radio signals

“All incidents have been brought to the attention of the relevant services, whose task is to establish the circumstances,” the Polish Railways said in a statement on Tuesday. Nothing threatened the passengers, writes the Interia server, according to which the railway network in Poland is now passable.

The PAP agency said Tuesday’s incidents took place despite security forces previously detaining two people in connection with similar incidents. They did so after train service in some regions of the country was interrupted over the weekend due to someone sending emergency radio signals to stop. In some cases, according to Polish media, the Russian anthem could be heard in the background of the signal.

A court in Bialystok on Tuesday granted the prosecutor’s request and agreed to the detention of the two detainees for three months, PAP later wrote. Spouses aged 24 and 29 are suspected of unauthorized broadcasting of radio signals and stopping trains in the north-west of the country; policemen found amateur radio equipment in the house of one of the detainees. Earlier, the police confirmed that the eldest of the suspects worked in the police department in Bialystok, which initiated disciplinary proceedings against him and intends to fire him.

Two Poles stole a train stop device. They blocked eleven sets

Polish counterintelligence ABW also deals with cases of train disruption. Stanisław Zharin, the government’s information space security commissioner, said on Monday there was no indication that problems with trains stopping in Poland over the weekend due to false radio signals were instigated by a foreign government. He stressed that the cases still need to be thoroughly investigated due to the “geopolitical situation”. Over the weekend, he spoke about Russia’s attempts to destabilize Poland.

“We know that for several months there have been attempts to destabilize Poland. They were undertaken by the Russian Federation jointly with Belarus,” he said.

A network of pro-Russian saboteurs

Poland has beefed up security on its rail lines after it earlier thwarted a plot by Russian intelligence agencies to monitor rail networks and derail a train carrying weapons bound for Ukraine, The Washington Post reported on Monday. The newspaper reported last week that Russian intelligence agencies had set up a network of amateur agents in Poland to carry out various operations, including sabotage and assassinations. The goal was to disrupt the flow of Western weapons through Poland to Ukraine.

About 80 percent of Western arms shipments to Kyiv pass through Poland, making the country a critical transit hub for Ukraine’s logistical support. He has resisted Russian military aggression for more than a year and a half.

Polish counterintelligence ABW is also investigating the spread of the Legionella bacterial infection, which has recently claimed 14 lives in Poland. According to the hygienists’ conclusions, the bacterium was found in some of the tap water samples examined so far in the current focus of the infection – the city of Rzeszow in the southeast of the country, which is a key transit hub for the international military. aid to Ukraine. According to Radio RMF, ABW officials have not yet found anything that could indicate sabotage. Meanwhile, the disease appeared in other regions.

In Poland, 14 victims of legionellosis infection have already been registered.

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