The mysterious Russian truck that has appeared on social networks due to a traffic accident

Since the escalation of the war between Russia and Ukraine, a whole series of very curious images have been taking place, either in the context of the war or rarities that have arrived in Spain in the form of curiosities. From amphibious vehicles stranded in the sand to missiles failing, passing through military vehicles with very bad luck. Now, it is the turn of an accident that has involved to a high-tonnage war vehicle.

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as collected TheDrive, a very striking image has begun to move through social networks: a car that has collided head-on against some kind of gigantic military truck, causing the tourism involved to have ended up completely destroyed.

Although it is not the first time that a car can be seen colliding with a military vehicle, this image is striking precisely because of the vehicle itself involved. And this seems to be an intercontinental ballistic missile carrier-launcher, at least one training version for operators.

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At the moment, it is not known exactly what happened in this incident immortalized in image. The private car has been completely destroyed, even deforming the chassis and the axle. It is practically scrapped, while the military vehicle seems immune to the shock. It is estimated that the clash between these two has been completely frontal.

With this single image, there are those who have ensured that this it is a transporter-launcher MAZ-7917, a large military vehicle that is dedicated to both carrying and firing ICBM Topol missiles. Nevertheless, The Drive specifies that it is a training vehicle, and that what it carries on top is not a missile, but a tank with the same shape.

The idea is that these vehicles serve as training for those who want to handle ballistic missile transport devices. These tanks are filled with water or sand and seek to emulate the weight of these missiles to, for example, simulate driving or braking maneuvers transporting this class of weapons. Of course, these vehicles have been renewed over time.

Although it is not clear what exact dimensions this training vehicle has since this class of Topol devices do not usually come with this data. A source of The Drive ensures that only the chassis of the MAZ-7917, which is similar to the IBMC training vehicles, weighs empty 35.8 tons and measures 18.71 meters. This would reveal that the photo comes from Russia or China, where the use of this class of war transports it is relatively common.

It is far from the first time that this class of military vehicles have appeared in certain collisions. In 2019, an accident was recorded showing how four private vehicles crashed into two BTR-80s weighing 15 tons each.

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