The mysterious death of Lisa Robin Kelly, from ‘That 70’s show’

The TV show that 70’s showstarring stars such as Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, was a comedy made in the 90s. Actress Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie, also participated in this series. Forman, the older sister of Eric (Topher).

Kelly played this character from 1998 to 2003 and after seeing her for the last time in the series, she only starred in the movie SUX2BMEin 2012. This was because her professional career began to collapse when the actress was affected by substance abuse and in 2013, at the age of 43, she died in a mysterious way.

Lisa Robin Kelly

In 2010, Kelly was arrested in North Carolina for driving while intoxicated and returned to jail two years later after her ex-boyfriend John Michas reported her for assault. Three years after those events, the actress was in trouble with the law for the third time by failing a field sobriety test.

When all these problems began to arise, the character of Laurie suddenly left the program, with the justification that she would “go to beauty school”, but it is known that her departure was related to her alcoholism. In fact, at one point, Ella Kelly admitted that this problem had caused her to lose a baby.

Lisa in that 70s show

However, the desire to get ahead was not exhausted, because Kelly registered at the Pax Rehabilitation Center, in Altadena, California, to receive help, but two days after arriving at the scene, she was found dead.

The cause of his death was not immediately released and, according to reports from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office, his death was due to a multiple drug overdose. However, her death was not immune, as her ex-husband filed a lawsuit against the center, alleging that she had been negligent in the way the actress was treated.

Lisa Robin

The exact details of her death remain a mystery, but what is certain is that Lisa Robin Kelly won a piece of our hearts by bringing Laurie Forman to life.

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