The movie that will really make you FEAR is on Prime Video; is totally disturbing |TRAILER

The world of streaming can not only be reduced to Netflix and there are already so many and so diverse options that the free offer sometimes does its thing and sometimes we think that there is nothing to see, despite the fact that the catalogs are from the most varied and extensive. This time we are going to focus on a film that was well received by critics and is now available on Prime Video; It is titled “Lights Out” or with its title in Spanish “When the lights go out” and is within the supernatural horror genre.

“When the lights go out” is an American horror film that was released in 2016; was written and directed by David Samberg as part of his 2013 self-titled short film debut. positive; With a budget of 4 million dollars, it managed to raise 148 million dollars.

What is “Lights out” about?

“Lights Out” follows the story of the worker Esther who works in a textile warehouse, where she constantly sees a female figure every time she turns off the light but when she turns on the lights she can’t see anything; she decides to warn her owner about said appearance, however, he flatly ignores her and she decides to resign. This is how the owner of the place is persecuted and brutally murdered by said figure that can only be seen when the lights go out. After the murder, the owner’s stepdaughter, calling Rebeca, also begins to live naturally that lead her to have extreme fear.

Said production, which began filming in 2015, featured performances by Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia, Billy Burke and Maria Bello, under the production of James Wan, Lawrence Grey, and Eric Heisserer, with Heisserer’s script based on Lights Out of David Samberg.

Below we show you the trailer of said film production hosted on Prime Video, but which is also available on HBO Max and Apple TV.


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