The most unknown movies of 2022 that are hidden gems of the year

It is common to find lists where they can recommend the best films of the year, but the usual thing is that you have seen them all and you do not find any curious proposal.

To give you a cable, here you will meet the most unknown movies of 2022 that you cannot miss for anything in the world and that even surpass the big winners of the year. real hidden gems.

From the brilliant miniseries of Apollo 10 1/2even the wonderful Everything at once everywherehere you have 9 films that have gone unnoticed in 2022 which are very worth it.

‘Apollo 10 1/2: a space childhood’

Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood

An absolute jewel of animation that comes from the hand of Richard Linklater, creator of films like boyhood either Before Midnight, among many others.

A space-age adventure set against the backdrop of the 1969 Apollo moon mission, and inspired by director Richard Linklater’s childhood.


RRR netflix SS Rajamouli

An Indian film that has caused a sensation in a lot of countries, but here, in Spain, it has not had the recognition it deserves.

An absolute hidden gem of 2022 that part of a script that may seem quite simple – a girl is kidnapped and someone has to go rescue her – but is full of surprises and simply delicious visual moments.


Carter (2022)

A thriller of action that comes from South Korea that has a sublime scenery and some very well carried out action sequences.

A film with no greater pretensions than hanging out and letting yourself be carried away by a constant festival of cakes.

‘Predator: The Prey’


A tape that is a kind of reboot from the classic predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that starts from a more original idea.

The dangerous alien lands on Earth at a time when firearms do not exist at the moment. Naru is a fierce and highly skilled young warrior who has to deal with an enemy who outmatches her in almost everything.

‘The Deer King’

the deer king the deer king

One of the most unknown movies of 2022 and it surprises, since it is one of the best recent animated films.

The story centers on the story of a soldier who is taken as a slave after defending his lands against a powerful empire.

During his sentence, a dangerous disease spreads throughout the world and the soldier and a girl are practically the last survivors of this plague.



A thriller slasher very curious that focuses on what could happen with a bad date through any app of this type.

A fabulous film starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones that perfectly mixes black comedy, satire and acid humor. You can’t miss it.

‘The sea monster’

The Sea Monster Netflix

One of the great animated films of the year and an absolute hidden gem of 2022.

Its credentials are clear: it’s written and directed by Chris Williams, who has worked on movies like Big Hero 6, Bolt either Moana and tells the story of an intrepid girl and a famous monster hunter who join forces to find a beast.

A great adventure perfect for the whole family that talks about the importance of challenging conventional wisdom and figuring things out for yourself.

‘Crimes of the future’

crimes of the future

David Cronenberg’s latest film and, seeing his proposal, It is surprising that it is among the most unknown films of 2022.

In their ranks, Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart and Léa Seydoux that will take you to a science fiction story where the human body no longer feels pain and, therefore, is subject to new transformations and mutations.

‘Everything at once everywhere’

Everything at once everywhere

An absolutely brilliant film that you’d better know as little about as possible.

Simply, a brief plot premise: a Chinese-American family has problems with the tax and when they are going to fix the problem at the tax agency, the protagonist’s husband, but from another dimension, appears and tells her that a great threat hangs over him. multiverse and she is the key to prevent everything from collapsing.

An absolute gem that you cannot miss for the world.

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